Form ADV Part 1 - Items 6 and 7

The questions below correspond to Item 6 and Item 7 of the Form ADV Part 1. 

Note that if you leave a question blank or do not answer a question, we will assume the answer to it is "no."

All responses should be as of the end of your most recent fiscal year (for most firms that is December 31).

When answering, note that "you" and "your" mean the firm, as an entity, and not you as an individual.

Your firm's related persons are all of your advisory affiliates and any person that is under common control with you.

Your firm's advisory affiliates are (1) all of your officers, partners, or directors (or any person performing similar functions); (2) all persons directly or indirectly controlling or controlled by you; and (3) all of your current employees (other than employees performing only clerical, administrative, support or similar functions).

A person can be a natural person (an individual) or a company.